The Dragons Tale


Situated near the river in central Mirabar, the Dragon’s Tale is a one of the finest inns in the city. It may not be the most expensive, or the most exciting, but everyone has a good word to say about the Dragons Tale.

Run by a Tiefling barkeep named Cadence, she manages the inns day to day operations and works at the bar most nights.


Bean and potato stew served with a dark rye bread and cinnamon cider is specialty food, (6sp per serving.)
Other food on menu, soups, breads, savory pies, and river catches. (2sp)


  • Kinderry (3sp per tankard) – a cheap cinnamon and hard apple cider sweetened with honey.
  • Dwarven Double Draft, (5sp per tankard) common dwarven beer, known for its thick frothy head and dark flavor.
  • Royal Reserve Wine, a halfling made spiced wine made from fermented pumpkins. Known for producing flushed cheeks in those who drink it. (5 sp per goblet)
  • Elven Midsummer Wine (10 gp per bottle) – a delicacy made from berries, and aged in oaken casks for at least a century.

Room Costs:

  • Common Room: 5sp/day
  • Standard 1gp/day
  • Grand Floor: 5gp/day for top floor rental. (3 Large Rooms)

The Dragons Tale

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