New Professor of Transmutation and Translocation


A foreign human from a city across the sea, here to learn and study magic from Faerûn wizards as part of a diplomatic gesture between the two cities. An overbearingly arrogant wizard, he constantly complains that he is disappointed in the level of skill that the college has presented in comparison to his homeland. His position was abrupt and forced upon the college by Anvano himself. This lead to many of the other students and teachers immediately disliking him as he replaced a well liked professor, Robert Aborman.

It is rumored by several members of the college that in his homeland necromancy not only practiced but is common, a school of magic that Anvano seems unusually knowledgeable about. Several points of evidence suggest that he may be behind the various killings and disappearances within the city

Revealed to not be behind the necromancy within the city, yet still is a asshole.


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