Ancient empires once cast long shadows over a world that quaked beneath the giants’ feet. In those lost days, these towering figures ruled over the ‘smallfolk’ as unstoppable titans. They were dragon slayers, dreamers, crafters, and kings, but their kind fell from glory long ago. Other races stepped forth to claim the world of Toril and new civilizations grew and fell over eons. The giants remain however, even divided among secluded clans scattered throughout the world, they maintain their traditions and customs of old.

Recently, something has stirred the giants from their complacency. Their societal structure, “The Ordning” has been broken. Each race of giant now competes to reclaim their lost status as masters of the world, no matter who stands in their way.

Giants Placed by Ordning Status

  • Hill Giants Dumb and brutish, these are the smallest of the giants. Forging and raiding food supplies, these giants while slow still are a serious threat to many towns.
  • Fire Giants Warlike and proud, fire giants are known as some of the finest craftsman upon Toril. However, their violence and cruelty towards smallfolk sets them apart from other giants.
  • Stone Giants Strange, reclusive and seldom seen, stone giants are known to meditate and work great art underneath the earth. Little is known of their society as many who venture to find them never return.
  • Frost Giants If it weren’t for their hatred of warm climates, frost giants would of conquered much of the Faerûn. These viking warriors instead hunt dangerous beasts for sport in the far northern reaches of the world.
  • Cloud Giants Aristocratic, vain, and ostentatious, cloud giants remain aloof from much of the world, suspended in their floating castles and singular city, Nautnvolt
  • Storm Giants The largest and most powerful of the giants, these giants serve as oracles and leaders for the giant race. Originating from the sea, all giants know to bow down to their ruler, King Hekaton.


Even with the oldest tomes and knowledge of the past, scholars claim it is unclear when dragons first appeared, some believe that they have always existed and always will. The first accounts of dragons are those of the war between dragons and giants. For over 1000 years a terrible war was raged across Toril, crippling both of their societies until a unstable peace was raised. Over time, dragon deities left the world and their kind shrank in number. Now, millennia later, the few remaining dragons live as recluses or hide among everyday folk in polymorphed form.

Every dragon is a being of extraordinary power, one that only grows with age. Dragon species vary by color and nearly every dragon is unique in its history and perspective.


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