SKT: Session 3
Lost feet and a debt to be owed

House Barrister party, a lost foot from the knight Cirn.

Caleb nearly dying. Chauntea appearing to answer a plea for his life. A deal was struck, the payment unclear.

SKT: Session 2
The Elk Merchant and a Chuul

Gaining information from a reclusive dragon expert, the party traveled to find Calibanan. A purchase of a wagon and a elk proved to be surprisingly entertaining as the group bonded with Caleb. Moving north, narrowly avoding death by fire giants, they finally made it to Kryptgarden forest, Calibanan’s lair. After facing a chuul, the group struck a deal with Calibanan and sold a Tressyium to Calibanan in exchange for a knowlege. She instructed them to travel north, find the Eye of the All-Father and look for a certain Frost Giant

SKT: Session 1
From the ashes, a party arises

For various reasons, a group of adventurers made their way to Goldenfields. Here they met Miros, and stayed at his charming inn. Their peaceful visit was cut down however by a coordinated attack by goblinoids and most strangely, hill giants. Even with the help of these brave hero’s, the wizard Naxene , and the forces of Goldenfields, the town was lost. Miros joined this group of adventurers, and took off with them to find a dragon expert, one that Naxene believes could explain or help in this “Giant Crisis.”


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