Quintin Aborman


A man with few passions as bright as storytelling (although the color purple comes close), Quintin caught up to the adventurers after meeting them briefly at Lord Martin Barrister’s house party. While not laughing over a glass of wine with seemingly every inn-keep from Mirabar to Waterdeep, he always is found scrawling down notes in a small journal he keeps by his side. Apparently as wealthy as he is grandiose and flattering, he is always in the search of another new distraction or story to tell.

Quintin is a accomplished bard, while wielding a powerful magical lyre he has traveled with several parties of adventurers over the years including Force Grey-where he met Harshnagg.

He hails from the city of Mirabar, a place he seems reluctant to return to. This is due to a strained relationship with his father which he has not seen in over a decade. Nevertheless, he has appeared shaken by the news of his disappearance and eager to resolve the mystery.

Quintin Aborman

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