Professor Aborman

Father of Quintin Aborman


Professor of Transmutation and Translocation at the Spire. One of Ulara’s teachers and mentors. Was recently let go due to age and to be replaced with a new Professor, the elf Anvano. A few weeks later, during the beginnings of the murders and disappearances across the city, Robert was discovered missing from their families home with signs of a rushed (or possibly forced) exit.

After he was let go from the college, Robert fell into depression, foolishly began reading from the Grimoire of the Four Quarters after he failed to cast protection magic on himself. Was persuaded/mind controlled by the forces within the book to practice necromancy, steal a artifact from the college and other useful materials. He then masqueraded as the elf to shame his name and cause him to lose his job while the book began to use to him-raising a army of the undead beneath the city.

Blinded by hellfire and his mind broken from the possession, Robert is now a senile and mute shell of his former self.


Professor Aborman

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