Over her 1200 year lifespan, Calibanan has gone by many names. “The Emerald One”, “Scourge of the Forest”, “Whispered one” and “The Winged Plague.” A ancient and colossal green dragon, she has personally caused the destruction of empires, all while accumulating power, wealth and knowledge in her massive hoard. For the past 250 years however, she has settled down in the remains of what was once a great city in the Kryptgarden Forest. Many avoid the forest, but a few still seek her out to ask of her knowledge for within her hoard she is rumored to contain a collection of powerful crystal orbs which she uses to scry on the rest of the world.

The party met with Calibanan who claimed they had a key role to play in the upcoming giant crisis. She has “assisted” them on several occasions, granting them a airship but also a cursed crystal orb. She explained that if they fail in their duties to her that they will be encased in emerald, yet if they succeed great rewards await them.

While the party makes there way North, she is attempting to uncover the cause of the giant crisis. She has stated that it is something or someone with enough power to block her vision…


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