A white dire elk, refereed to as a “Vetr-Elgr” by some, was born in the far North before being captured and sold as a service animal to some trappers. Caleb was then bought from a foreign traveler who sold him and a wagon to the party when the first set out from Amphail. Simple minded in his pursuit of “white-bark” he was always a source of enthusiasm and positivity when communicated with.

This however changed when he was nearly killed by Lord Barristers forces when they attempted to restrain him. Gomer, asking for the help of any deity that would listen summoned a phantom of Chauntea who healed Caleb but not before claiming that “a debt is owed.” The injuries changed Caleb who became more reserved, yet still ever devoted to the party.

A discovery of a ‘Uplift Foci’ amulet in a crashed Cloud Giant castle changed Caleb again, this time displaying his emotions and granting him the ability to speak as well as greater intelligence.

He has expressed interests in returning home however, either after the party has completed their adventure or before. He barely remembers the last time he saw his family, and it has been so long he fears he may forget what his home even looks like.


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