SKT: Session 4

Carpets, Clouds and Caleb

The group escaping house Barrister and his Knight Cirn, moved with a injured Caleb and -1 foot Hagrith North. They witnessed a force of hill giants thundering towards the town they left form. Then one night they awoke to see a falling Cloud Giant Castle. Investigating yielded a fight between some gargoyles, a magical amulet that allowed Caleb the ability to talk, and a run in with Ludwig Von B├╝dlesnootz the magical item experimenter.

After a dangerous chase with a Cloud Giant, the party made their way to Triboar. Here they drank, celebrating their victory with a bar fight (and incapacitating a innocent gnome.) The next morning however, their victory was cut short as a group of fire giants arrived looking for a piece of their adamant colossus. A tough battle took place, one that seemed impossible until Calibanan arrived to capture one of the fire giants. She conveyed a short message to the party, and gave a cursed magical orb that allows them to communicate with her.


DM_Deal DM_Deal

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