SKT: Session 8

A Crown of Death

Undead suddenly appearing around them, the party immediately began a battle against the summoned creatures. Anvano, seeing the battle begining teleports away. After a hard fought battle, the party killed the creatures and investigated the disappearance of Anvano. They agreed to search for him in the sewers but the arrival of Caleb and Quintin brought disturbing news. Quintin had received a letter delivered to him last night, threatening and taunting him to find his father.

The party ventured into the dark sewers below to search with Quintin, battling several waves of undead creatures and other vile creations. However the necromancer was revealed to not be Anvano, but instead Professor Aborman himself. A grueling and lengthy battled followed with Robert revealed to be possessed by a demonic force. Gomer was struck down and died by final blast of necrotic magic, but Miros stuck a killing blow-destroying the demonic possession held in the book controlling Robert. The party looted what they could from the laboratory along with a curious black greatsword, they then returned to the surface. Quintin taking his wounded and broken father, and the party carrying Gomer back to the Spire, they now wonder about the possibility of resurrection for their slain friend.


DM_Deal DM_Deal

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