SKT: Session 6

Lost across the plane

After a failed teleportation ritual by a Unicorn in a attempted short cut, each member of the party, including Quintin and Caleb were cast to several various locations. Some of these locations brought them to various oddities such as a party of Gnome Archeologists or a trans-dimensional beholder with a knack for record keeping.

Leelin after a short conversation with Calibanan procured a airship sent by the dragon attached with a small crew. The party regrouped, found Caleb, then made their way to Xantharal’s Keep. Here they captured a dangerous thief, Worvil Forkbeard after a short chase.

Flying towards Mirbar however, they came into conflict with several storm giants attacking dragons and narrowly escaped with the airship intact. (Although heavily damaged.) Finally they came through the clouds to reveal the sprawling city of Mirabar.


DM_Deal DM_Deal

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