SKT: Session 5

Fomorians and Fuck-ups

Moving north from the town of Triboar, the group heard of a sickness in the water effecting the valley slightly North. Investigating revealed a grove of trees that has been infected by a plague. Lalorian, a unicorn asked them to save the Elder Tree of the Forest, Nareth. Delving into the underground caverns, the group fought several oozes, goblins, spiders and faced several challenges until they revealed the cause of the sickness-a Fomorian.

The twisted giant proved to be a challenging battle but ultimately it was slain. Traveling to the surface, the group was awarded with a magical bow. Fenthras. However, Lalorian offered to teleport them to their next destination as thanks, only to move the party across various different locations.


DM_Deal DM_Deal

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