SKT: Session 10

The Eye of the All Father

The characters finally made there way to the temple of the giants, the eye of the all father. Meeting the frost Giant Harshnag, they received a omen to abandon their quest before entering the temple. After fighting some barbarians and a pet dragon, they ventured into the mysterious temple.

Exploring the various parts of the complex, they battled a deadly Remorhaz, which almost slew the party. Caleb displayed newfound healing and magical abilities apparently gained recently. The party was able to slay the beast, and gain entry to the Oracle. Here they met Eriegon, who informed them that his father slew him some 80 years ago. He is confined to the temple until his death is avenged. They also asked the oracle several questions, learning many things.

Who is the master of statues: "“Lymrith. The deceiver of the Storm Giants. The master of stone. For he is the one that covets the throne. He aspirant to rule the North, as an unstoppable tyrant. He is the Doom of the Desert, and the cause of so much gloom. But, you would know him more, as a brother to ally of yours. A being of thunder and scale, sometimes disguised as a man, he is the elder brother to Calibanan.”

Lymrith is also on his way to confront the party.

They learned they must seek a Magical conch, use it to travel to the Court of the storm giants and root our Lymrith’s evil there. If they find King Hekaton, his daughter Serissa will be of aid to the party. The nearest magical conch is located east, in Ironslag-the main foundry of the fire giants in the possession of Fire Duke Zalto.

Leaving the room, they heard the sound of a approaching dragon, the master of statues himself.


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