SKT: Session 10
The Eye of the All Father

The characters finally made there way to the temple of the giants, the eye of the all father. Meeting the frost Giant Harshnag, they received a omen to abandon their quest before entering the temple. After fighting some barbarians and a pet dragon, they ventured into the mysterious temple.

Exploring the various parts of the complex, they battled a deadly Remorhaz, which almost slew the party. Caleb displayed newfound healing and magical abilities apparently gained recently. The party was able to slay the beast, and gain entry to the Oracle. Here they met Eriegon, who informed them that his father slew him some 80 years ago. He is confined to the temple until his death is avenged. They also asked the oracle several questions, learning many things.

Who is the master of statues: "“Lymrith. The deceiver of the Storm Giants. The master of stone. For he is the one that covets the throne. He aspirant to rule the North, as an unstoppable tyrant. He is the Doom of the Desert, and the cause of so much gloom. But, you would know him more, as a brother to ally of yours. A being of thunder and scale, sometimes disguised as a man, he is the elder brother to Calibanan.”

Lymrith is also on his way to confront the party.

They learned they must seek a Magical conch, use it to travel to the Court of the storm giants and root our Lymrith’s evil there. If they find King Hekaton, his daughter Serissa will be of aid to the party. The nearest magical conch is located east, in Ironslag-the main foundry of the fire giants in the possession of Fire Duke Zalto.

Leaving the room, they heard the sound of a approaching dragon, the master of statues himself.

SKT: Session 8
A Crown of Death

Undead suddenly appearing around them, the party immediately began a battle against the summoned creatures. Anvano, seeing the battle begining teleports away. After a hard fought battle, the party killed the creatures and investigated the disappearance of Anvano. They agreed to search for him in the sewers but the arrival of Caleb and Quintin brought disturbing news. Quintin had received a letter delivered to him last night, threatening and taunting him to find his father.

The party ventured into the dark sewers below to search with Quintin, battling several waves of undead creatures and other vile creations. However the necromancer was revealed to not be Anvano, but instead Professor Aborman himself. A grueling and lengthy battled followed with Robert revealed to be possessed by a demonic force. Gomer was struck down and died by final blast of necrotic magic, but Miros stuck a killing blow-destroying the demonic possession held in the book controlling Robert. The party looted what they could from the laboratory along with a curious black greatsword, they then returned to the surface. Quintin taking his wounded and broken father, and the party carrying Gomer back to the Spire, they now wonder about the possibility of resurrection for their slain friend.

SKT: Session 7
Caleb & Co. Arrive In Mirabar

After a long journey, the adventuring party has finally made it to Mirabar. They quickly discovered that the city is currently under curfew after a series of disappearances and murders have been taking place. The party took some time to shop and explore the city, making their way through the Central District and spending some time at the Spire of Mirabar.

The group learned information about Anvano from several members of the college.

They faced a necromatic abomination and used a piece of the relic to connect its creation to Anvano. Confronting Anvano about this information however, several spell sigils appeared on the ground and undead teleported into the college itself.

SKT: Session 6
Lost across the plane

After a failed teleportation ritual by a Unicorn in a attempted short cut, each member of the party, including Quintin and Caleb were cast to several various locations. Some of these locations brought them to various oddities such as a party of Gnome Archeologists or a trans-dimensional beholder with a knack for record keeping.

Leelin after a short conversation with Calibanan procured a airship sent by the dragon attached with a small crew. The party regrouped, found Caleb, then made their way to Xantharal’s Keep. Here they captured a dangerous thief, Worvil Forkbeard after a short chase.

Flying towards Mirbar however, they came into conflict with several storm giants attacking dragons and narrowly escaped with the airship intact. (Although heavily damaged.) Finally they came through the clouds to reveal the sprawling city of Mirabar.

SKT: Session 5
Fomorians and Fuck-ups

Moving north from the town of Triboar, the group heard of a sickness in the water effecting the valley slightly North. Investigating revealed a grove of trees that has been infected by a plague. Lalorian, a unicorn asked them to save the Elder Tree of the Forest, Nareth. Delving into the underground caverns, the group fought several oozes, goblins, spiders and faced several challenges until they revealed the cause of the sickness-a Fomorian.

The twisted giant proved to be a challenging battle but ultimately it was slain. Traveling to the surface, the group was awarded with a magical bow. Fenthras. However, Lalorian offered to teleport them to their next destination as thanks, only to move the party across various different locations.

SKT: Session 4
Carpets, Clouds and Caleb

The group escaping house Barrister and his Knight Cirn, moved with a injured Caleb and -1 foot Hagrith North. They witnessed a force of hill giants thundering towards the town they left form. Then one night they awoke to see a falling Cloud Giant Castle. Investigating yielded a fight between some gargoyles, a magical amulet that allowed Caleb the ability to talk, and a run in with Ludwig Von Büdlesnootz the magical item experimenter.

After a dangerous chase with a Cloud Giant, the party made their way to Triboar. Here they drank, celebrating their victory with a bar fight (and incapacitating a innocent gnome.) The next morning however, their victory was cut short as a group of fire giants arrived looking for a piece of their adamant colossus. A tough battle took place, one that seemed impossible until Calibanan arrived to capture one of the fire giants. She conveyed a short message to the party, and gave a cursed magical orb that allows them to communicate with her.

SKT: Session 3
Lost feet and a debt to be owed

House Barrister party, a lost foot from the knight Cirn.

Caleb nearly dying. Chauntea appearing to answer a plea for his life. A deal was struck, the payment unclear.

SKT: Session 2
The Elk Merchant and a Chuul

Gaining information from a reclusive dragon expert, the party traveled to find Calibanan. A purchase of a wagon and a elk proved to be surprisingly entertaining as the group bonded with Caleb. Moving north, narrowly avoding death by fire giants, they finally made it to Kryptgarden forest, Calibanan’s lair. After facing a chuul, the group struck a deal with Calibanan and sold a Tressyium to Calibanan in exchange for a knowlege. She instructed them to travel north, find the Eye of the All-Father and look for a certain Frost Giant

SKT: Session 1
From the ashes, a party arises

For various reasons, a group of adventurers made their way to Goldenfields. Here they met Miros, and stayed at his charming inn. Their peaceful visit was cut down however by a coordinated attack by goblinoids and most strangely, hill giants. Even with the help of these brave hero’s, the wizard Naxene , and the forces of Goldenfields, the town was lost. Miros joined this group of adventurers, and took off with them to find a dragon expert, one that Naxene believes could explain or help in this “Giant Crisis.”


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